" Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover " ~ LDMF

Personal Growth & Collective Leadership

What if the individual ability to navigate change and transition is not enough? In times in which systemic complexity, global uncertainty, and government ambiguity challenge the traditional leader, entrepreneur, and investor, the "normal ways" to do things may not be enough.

For the last 20 years, we have been talking about resilience, and the importance of community participation, where individuals, and citizens, endorse leaders and their proposals through democratic paths, but also with their civic duty to participate, collaborate and contribute to the development of local, national, or global agendas. 

Consider that today, and in the following 10-100 years, we are facing already new scenarios our traditional system is not fit to cope with. 

Time-sensitive opportunities, and unpredictable events, influence our ability to take action creatively. 

We want "transition and change" to enable a positive impact, not a failure and the need for damage control by default.

There should be another path, more direct, simple, and specific.

Matrix-Q One Network is exploring a combination between personal growth and collective intelligence, targeting specific time-sensitive challenges. 

We have coined a new term for this approach: Collective-Leadership.  

It is a question of the ability to take action on time, create the right conditions, utilize the 9 capitals available, and use the right strategies (algorithms). But this time, we do not need (and should not want) to do it alone, but together within a collective, simultaneously, realizing that it is a time-sensitive opportunity, for which there is only a one-time window.

While in the last century our social change challenge was to acknowledge individuality, the well-being, and quality of life, development of the individual, as necessary for modern civilization; in our current century, the social challenge is to add a second layer of consciousness, next to the individual-consciousness, also the collective-consciousness.

We have found a creative path to achieve this transition.

Would you like to explore with us?


  • Program Participants receive training together, online, with specific content designed to address time-sensitive challenges
  • The collective of attendees will be requested to do together and individually one single task, for a period of time.
  • By utilizing the Matrix-Q Collective Intelligence method, we expect a new form of shared leadership to take form, and participants to understand by experience the value and use of it.


  • MONDAY's


  • We utilize an innovative system, in which the collective together contributes by paying the fees necessary to facilitate this program


  • Group coaching, training sessions, tools, knowledge, new skills
  • Certificates for those advanced